Recursos del Caribe, S.A. offers a spreadsheet summary that addresses the topics listed below for each of the twelve Caribbean Basin countries. Purchase of the spreadsheet summary includes a copy (in pdf format) of of relevant foreign investment laws, mining laws, environmental laws, and regulations.

Regulatory Framework – Topics Covered

1) Risk Summary
(a) Political Risk
(b) Financial Risk
(c) Personal Risk
5) Mining History
(a) Producing mines
(b) Mining History
2) Environmental Law
(a) Responsible Agency
(b) Environmental Law
(c) Notes
6) Royalties and Taxes
(a) Royalty
(b) Value added tax
(c) Import tax
(d) Export tax
3) Concession Summary
(a) Structure
(b) Term in years
(c) Maximum size in square kilometers
(d) Extensions (e) Fees
7) Mining Law
(a) Responsible Agency
(b) Mining Law
(c) Notes
4) Income Taxes
(a) Corporate income tax
(b) Withholding tax
(c) Currency exchange
(d) Repatriation of profits
8 ) Political Parties
(a) Political parties
(b) Philosophy
(c) Current president
(d) Next election (term)

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