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Prospect Query

TheĀ  Prospect Database provides a comprehensive metallogenic map. Mineral occurrences are color coded according to deposit type and size and are plotted on a geologic base.

Search for information on a mineral occurrence

Clicking on a mineral occurrence will retrieve attached information including;

  • Concession holder
  • Partner
  • Type of mineral occurrence
  • Past production
  • Resources and reserves
  • Geologic observations
  • Current status, and
  • References to the literature


The low resolution image shown below portrays the extent of the Prospect Database. Click the Dominican Republic below for a more detailed view.

Select mineral occurrences of a particular size or deposit type

One of the most important elements of the Prospect Database is the ability to query the data. For instance, one can request:

  1. All gold deposits with over 500,000 ounces in past production
  2. Porphyry copper prospects in Panama and Costa Rica
  3. All prospects held by a particular mining company
  4. etc.

Create your own plots

Mineral occurrences can then be plotted at any scale on a variety of base maps including; Geology, Geography, Geology, Tectono-stratigraphy and shaded relief

To view the detailed map of the Prospect Database you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, free software that lets you view Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To download Acrobat Reader for personal use, click here