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Land Status Query

The Land Status Database plots official (government agency) tenements (mineral concessions and concession applications) along with areas of restricted mineral entry including,

  • Metallic and non-metallic exploration concession applications and contracts
  • Metallic and non-metallic exploitation (extraction) concession applications and contracts
  • National parks
  • Forest reserves
  • Reservations
  • National monuments
  • Other areas of restricted mineral entry.

Search for information on a particular concession

Clicking on a concession will call up associated information including concession holder, concession status (reconnaissance, exploration or extraction; application or contract), contract date, expiration date, and source of information. The low resolution image shown below portrays the extent of the Land Status Database. Click on Panama below for a more detailed view.

Assemble selected concessions or areas restricted from mineral entry

Just as the Prospect Database can be queried for specific data, the Land Status database can be queried to display:

  • All mineral concessions belonging to a particular company
  • All mineral concessions due to expire during a given year
  • Parks, national forests, indian reserves for a particular country
  • Land status for a specific district or country

Create your own plots

Land Status information can be plotted at any scale on a variety of base maps including; Geology, Geography, and shaded relief with or without mineral occurrence locations.

To view the detailed map of the Prospect Database you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, free software that lets you view Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Download Acrobat Reader for personal use, click here.